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About TantraLogic

TantraLogic's Mission

"To free men and women
to experience
more fulfilling lovelives"

To achieve our mission we teach people how to showcase their attractive qualities while becoming the person they wish to be. Our method of conscious decision making and informed action opens clients' minds to fundamental realizations about themselves and the social world. Clients are guided to take each step toward their envisioned reality into a new way of life.

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TantraLogic was founded in 2008 by social psychologist and dating advisor James Amoureux to help men and women experience more fulfilling love lives. After years working through a loving and committed but difficult relationship, James found himself single. Despite being outgoing and social he lacked practical knowledge about sexual attraction, seduction, and mate selection. He set out to master the sensual arts--in doing so he uncovered his talent for helping others along their own journeys. Hundreds of men and women are now in control of their love lives thanks to his work.

TantraLogicTantraLogic is about the study and practice of fundamental social interaction in its spiritual, emotional, sexual, and psychological forms. The name TantraLogic comes from the Sanskrit term tantra which literally means "weaving" or "integrating," the ancient practice of psychosexual self-awareness, and logos, the Greek word meaning "to study." TantraLogic's yab-yum logo comes from the Hindu tradition and shows the male (yab) and female (yum) embraced in sexual union, radiating satisfaction from mutual fulfillment and complementary energy.

Building from a deep awareness of human nature, TantraLogic practitioners have learned to lead love lives that fully satisfy not only their desire for mate selection but also their desire for meaningful social interaction. TantraLogic has shown people that their greatest gift to others is themselves, and that not to interact with others in an attractive way both isolates the individual and deprives others of the benefit of their presence. Personal training, mentoring, and a personal growth guidance has enabled countless clients to become the person they wish to be, living their love lives on their own terms.

Dating services find their customers a "perfect match" in the hope of finding chemistry or a spark. TantraLogic gives people the skills and confidence to meet and attract their ideal mates themselves. The TantraLogic belief is that it is up to every individual to discover what makes him or her happy.

Core Philosophy

Action is the basis of the TantraLogic approach. Our motto is, "Attraction is an action. Like physical exercise, what you know only matters when it becomes what you do."

Within a constructive and supportive environment, clients are able to align their attitudes, expectations, and most importantly, their actions with the life they wish to create. With this focus on action, clients experience immediate and enduring results.

TantraLogic sets itself apart from the attraction and seduction services most commonly available by recognizing there is no "one right way" or magic spell to attract people. Our mission is to help you experience the love life you desire through honest, hands-on, personalized training.

Our natural and congruent approach creates authentic rapport and amplifies attraction. The better you understand yourself, the easier it is to express your true self in a far more active and attractive way. The more you draw people to you, the more you recognize that you can meet an amazing mate practically anywhere.

We guide our clients to uncover their own standards through self-realization and intentional action. People learn to exhibit their most attractive qualities and look for attractive qualities inside others. TantraLogic is dedicated to helping its clients discover the deepest secrets of attraction and seduction so they might share the best aspects of themselves with others to create loving, satisfying relationships.

TantraLogic offers a variety of services, from one-on-one coaching where you experience the fundamental principles underlying common social situations, to intensive workshops where practice and exercises provide a comprehensive immersion in the art of attraction, seduction, and dating. Personal guidance and a development plan keep you motivated long after you leave the classroom. Working with others on exercises and in the field provides the know-how and self confidence it takes to become "comfortable being uncomfortable." Ultimately you gain the confidence to approach an attractive stranger anywhere you might find one.

James Amoureux

James Amoureux, founder of TantraLogic, is a sex educator and relationship coach. He is has a master's in organizational psychology with a background in adult education and human development. His personal experiences in meditation, altered mental states, and mind-body connectedness allows him to reveal and share the core elements of Tantric sexuality and spiritual practices.

James AmoureuxHaving discovered the joys of bondage when he stumbled upon his uncle's girlie magazines at age ten, James had his first serious kinky relationship when he was seventeen and has incorporated various aspects of role play, bondage, domination, and submission into his sexual repertoire for over twenty years.

James' background blends instruction, sex education, and life satisfaction research. He is the lead coach and featured speaker for Project Charm, a social skills & dating website. He has been active in Chicago's seduction community as a featured speaker and in-field instructor at Project Chicago and the Chicago Lair. His seminar "Meet and Attract Women" is in constant demand. He has been involved in the fetish community in Midwest for years and participates in conferences and dungeon events around the country. He has served as an instructor, facilitator, researcher, and coach in the area of "hedonomics," the study of decision making and happiness, and has worked with many of the leading figures in this subject. As founder of both the Chicago Psychology and Positive Psychology groups he has helped countless individuals and therapists arrive at a better appreciation of what will make them (and the people in their lives) more happy, healthy, and satisfied. Having had the benefit of years of individual therapy and couples counseling he knows firsthand what works and what doesn't when it comes to fostering self-awareness and improving relationships.

James has personally worked with hundreds of people to uncover the most important and rewarding elements of their sexuality. His diverse experience affords him a unique perspective on how alternative sexuality, social anxiety, societal norms, and spirituality come together in a relationship and how they foster (when understood) or stifle (when misunderstood) the loving, healthy, productive communication that leads to incredible sex and authentic intimacy.

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TantraLogic In Review

James Amoureux is a master of kinky sex and spiritual sex. - by , December 2, 2010
5 / 5 stars: I attended a workshop by James Amoureux. He eliminated my anxiety around women and allowed me to talk about my intereste in alternative sexuality. I am very grateful for his help!