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Meet and Attract Women

This DVD presents The Mystery Method with a unique emphasis on the psychology of men and women to appreciate how the stages relate to one another. It builds on the method by incorporating the elements of confidence, body language, selectivity (high social value), and group interactions. It is designed to build intuition for the different stages of a romantic interaction in preparation for a TantraLogic workshop.

DVD Contents

Opening and Approaching
Sex Signals
Status and Supplication
Social Veneer (Shield)
Disqualifying/Demonstrating Value
Approach Anxiety
Active Socializing
Attraction and Comfort
Touch and Kino
Last Minute Resistance
Ideal Mate
The Buddy System

*Includes Complete Summary Notes and an Ideal Mate Profile*

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TantraLogic In Review

James Amoureux is a master of kinky sex and spiritual sex. - by , December 2, 2010
5 / 5 stars: I attended a workshop by James Amoureux. He eliminated my anxiety around women and allowed me to talk about my intereste in alternative sexuality. I am very grateful for his help!