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The Seduction Community

For people new to the community: This DVD introduces you to the seduction community and gives an overview of the most common styles of attraction and seduction. It addresses the most common novice questions about attracting the opposite sex. An excellent introduction for people unfamiliar with the community.

For existing members of the community: This DVD covers the history and evolution of the seduction community that many members are unfamiliar with, giving context to many of today’s methods and styles. Popular misconceptions are clarified to help men put principles to better use. Diverse practices and principles are described and their pros and cons discussed, without advocating some “one right way” to handle socio-sexual interactions.

DVD Contents

A Short History Of Seduction
Seduction Is A Skill
Various Styles
Pick-Up Artist (PUA)
Inner/Outer Game
Day/Night Game
Direct/Indirect Game
Routines/Natural Game
Other Elements
Choosing A Style
How To Be Flexible
Ethics Of Seduction

*Includes Complete Slide Notes*

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TantraLogic In Review

James Amoureux is a master of kinky sex and spiritual sex. - by , December 2, 2010
5 / 5 stars: I attended a workshop by James Amoureux. He eliminated my anxiety around women and allowed me to talk about my intereste in alternative sexuality. I am very grateful for his help!