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This DVD explains the social psychology and psychoanalytic elements involved in self-confidence to allow the rapid application of basic principles that enable “social freedom,” release from the fear of judgment by others. The relationship between confidence, competence, self-esteem, and self-awareness is clearly delineated. Anecdotes, examples, and practical techniques facilitate real-world application of these principles.

DVD Contents

What Is Confidence?
Agent Of Your Intentions
Handling Feedback
Gaining Competence
Feeling Good vs Self Discipline
Instant Confidence
Holistic Confidence
Fake It Till You Make It
Self Esteem
Handling Approach Anxiety
Modeling Behaviors
Positive vs Constructive
Self Awareness and Identity
Self Expression/Fashion
Social Reality
Open Mindedness
Action Items

*Includes Bonus Field Preparation MP3*

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TantraLogic In Review

James Amoureux is a master of kinky sex and spiritual sex. - by , December 2, 2010
5 / 5 stars: I attended a workshop by James Amoureux. He eliminated my anxiety around women and allowed me to talk about my intereste in alternative sexuality. I am very grateful for his help!