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Information that does not help you take action is irrelevant.
Experience you cannot learn from and do not enjoy is a waste of time.
The key to connecting information and experience is organization.

The TantraLogic methodology gets you the information you need and provides the structure you absolutely must have to apply what you learn. With a little initial hard work you become a self-correcting student of your own experience and devote all your energy to achieving the lovelife you have always imagined. It's not magic. It's informed, organized experience.






Introductory Session

  • A one-hour meet and greet for people interested in improving their love lives
  • Learn about our programs and methodology
  • Have your most challenging lovelife questions answered by the staff and prior participants

DVD Core: The Seduction Community [contents]

For people new to the community: This DVD introduces you to the seduction community and gives an overview of the most common styles of attraction and seduction. It addresses the most common novice questions about attracting the opposite sex. An excellent introduction for people unfamiliar with the community.

For existing members of the community: This DVD covers the history and evolution of the seduction community that many members are unfamiliar with, giving context to many of today’s methods and styles. Popular misconceptions are clarified to help men put principles to better use. Diverse practices and principles are described and their pros and cons discussed, without advocating some “one right way” to handle socio-sexual interactions.

DVD Core: Meet and Attract Women [contents]

This DVD presents The Mystery Method with a unique emphasis on the psychology of men and women to appreciate how the stages relate to one another. It builds on the method by incorporating the elements of confidence, body language, selectivity (high social value), and group interactions. It is designed to build intuition for the different stages of a romantic interaction in preparation for a TantraLogic workshop.

DVD Core: Self-Confidence [contents]

This DVD explains the social psychology and psychoanalytic elements involved in self-confidence to allow the rapid application of basic principles that enable "social freedom," release from the fear of judgment by others. The relationship between confidence, competence, self-esteem, and self-awareness is clearly delineated. Anecdotes, examples, and practical techniques facilitate real-world application of these principles.



The Buddy System [contents]

The Buddy System is a fresh approach to going out with the guys to meet women. While most people punish one another for their incompetence when they "sarge," The Buddy System focuses on self-awareness and mutual observation so tips and tricks can be exchanged regardless of the skill level of the individual men going out. Far from the blind leading the blind, The Buddy System incorporates time-tested coaching methods to provide a framework for self-diagnosis that accelerates the rate at which men acquire and apply new insights to meet their lovelife goals.

Lovelife Organizer [contents]

TantraLogic’s Lovelife Organizer is a comprehensive planning tool to help you build your strengths and compensate for any shortcomings. A workbook and social scheduler combined with an interactive DVD provides step-by-step guidance for you to plan, organize, and interpret your field experiences so you get the greatest possible benefit in the shortest time.

Designed to facilitate experiential learning, the Lovelife Organizer enables you to personalize your "social research," testing out ideas and applying new insights that support your lovelife objectives in real time. By tailoring your plan to high-energy or low-key environments, direct or indirect styles, and newbie or advanced attraction and seduction material, you have the freedom to explore the kinds of social interactions and relationships that will satisfy you while structuring your experience with a systematic framework that boosts your skill level like a workout regimen.



Weekend Workshop [daily schedule]

Read, study, watch. Witnessing the world through the eyes of others can provide the information to better understand it but there is no substitute for direct experience. Weekend Workshops are three-day hands-on experiences where the core skills to quickly and dramatically improve your love life are developed. Workshops synthesize easy to apply theory, real-world case studies, and personal experiences to allow you to become the most potent lover you can be. Using first-hand field experience and contemporary research into psychological, sociological, and spiritual studies, a holistic model enables you to fully engage a onother person to get them attracted, keep them interested, and satisfy both of you completely.

Workshops are reinforced with clinics where participants and trained coaches go live into the field to demonstrate and help you practice core attraction skills so you get maximum value out of your night every time you go out. This is your chance to reinforce what you know and learn from others in a highly constructive setting. Whether your goal is to meet and date a variety of people, to find a terrific exclusive companion, or overcome the shyness and social anxiety that mask your genuine charismatic self, our workshops and clinics will push you to your limits and make you great.

  • A comprehensive examination of the art and science of seduction
  • Integrate theory, organizational structure, practical experience, and field work using an accelerated learning model to produce immediate results
  • Gain insight into human sexuality and eliminate self-limiting beliefs
  • Discuss practical theory and apply exercises in the field to experience theory in practice
  • View the complete schedule

One-Day Immersion [daily schedule]

Designed as an accelerated version of the Weekend Workshop, the One-Day Immersion provides a concise introduction to the tools and methods of seduction and develops a personal plan to move you forward. People with limited experience benefit the most, since they see how to put the information they have to use by organizing their interactions and gaining new experiences--thus they put what they learn to practice immediately. If you need to overcome fear, social anxiety, or shyness and do not have a full weekend to commit right now, the One-Day Immersion will get you started today.

  • Receive one-on-one coaching, role-play exercises, in-field practice, and a progressive improvement plan
  • Focus on practical tools and techniques
  • Put information to use with enough theory for immediate results
  • View the complete schedule

Personal Coaching

Great athletes study themselves, playing back their performances to learn from experience. Great musicians listen to themselves to correct any flaws and refine their skill. The greats do not let ego stand in the way of achievement.

A great coach serves as a mirror to reflect the skills of a talented person and direct activity toward maximum achievement. Coaches provide feedback that reinforces strength and corrects weakness. A coach guides and mentors you to help you see through competing and conflicting perspectives to adopt a strategy that supports your true and essential intentions. Personal Coaching combines a strategic game plan, hands-on experience, and post-game analysis. Like a doctor who diagnoses only after identifying a patient's symptoms, a coach observes you in action and draws upon years of experience to guide your behavior. While the coach observes no preliminary judgments are made--our coaches do not allow personal biases to cloud their view of you. Our clarity of mind permits us to recommend specific, relevant, useful changes that induce your peak performance.

  • A private consultation to elevate your game to the next level
  • Have a complete personal assessment, goal construction ("desired end-state"), and in-field observation
  • Remove sticking points
  • Create a customized plan of action
  • Work in the field for four hours followed by one-on-one feedback

Lifestyle Transformation

Some people live a life of perfect harmony and wouldn’t change a thing. Most of us need help getting there.

As people master basic behaviors and "routines," uncovering widespread social patterns, they often find themselves disillusioned. They still have not attained the level of satisfaction and fulfillment they had hoped. In some cases their new behavior is incongruent with their personality; in other cases they have not broken through their own mental limits to take a value-oriented perspective toward their life and the lives of people around them. Lifestyle Transformation involves uncovering and improving upon those attitudes and behaviors that are essential for you to integrate your love life with your everyday life. The fastest and most enduring breakthroughs are uncovered, directing you toward the pursuit of personally relevant, deeply satisfying goals.

  • A complete makeover for people who deserve to be more successful in their love lives
  • Move from frustration to abundance during a weekend
  • Redefine fundamental behaviors and remove self-limiting beliefs
  • Take opportunities to improve identity, attitude, beliefs, behaviors, fashion, and logistics thus providing consistent and repeatable results
  • Tailor a personal game plan to your objectives and situation

Deep Dive

Once people reach a certain level of proficiency they tend to want to move to the next level. Musicians practice chords in order to play songs. Athletes run drills to prepare for games. The basics provide a foundation, and the Deep Dive allows people freedom to move to their next level.

These penetrating looks into the mysteries of some particular aspect of attraction, dating, and seduction enable participants to create their own strategies, techniques, and social interaction routines. Insight in these arenas gives you the freedom to experiment and grow.

Topics examined include:

  • Lifestyle & Logistics
  • Online Dating
  • Body Language
  • Identity & Impression
  • Captivating Conversation
  • Social Circles

Weekend Workshop or One-Day Immersion alum only.


TantraLogic In Review

James Amoureux is a master of kinky sex and spiritual sex. - by , December 2, 2010
5 / 5 stars: I attended a workshop by James Amoureux. He eliminated my anxiety around women and allowed me to talk about my intereste in alternative sexuality. I am very grateful for his help!