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What People Are Saying

"Working with an experienced guy like James Amoureux is invaluable. I feel a whole new world has started to open for me. Cold approaches in clubs has always been for me the scariest of ways to meet women. I got a taste last night, thanks again to James, of what could be possible."
- Kenneth B

"At first I didn't see the value of the whole process...but when it was time to review our results it was painfully obvious how we focused on problems and you focus us on results. This helped so much. Thank you for all this!"
- Adrian Z

"I think of you as a mentor. I trust your advice absolutely. You've never steered me wrong and you've really improved my game and myself as a person."
- Omer S

"I feel like I'm in charge of my relationship again. It's mindblowing to realize how far I've come in this short time."
- Mike H

"Observing you in the field has opened my eyes to something I didn’t see before. I treated all of the attraction material like a Bible thumper treats the Bible. I believed saying 'this' works and 'that' works, I must do this, I must do that, etc. Your pointers were a breakthrough, like when you said that the material is like musical scales: You need to learn and practice them in order to play. Nobody wants to show up to a concert to see someone play scales. That struck a chord :)"
- Mark P

"My God, this guy really gets it."
- Tim H

"What a thorough job, with a sense of passion. James covers every topic to its fullest. It was insightful being reminded of all the things that I had temporarily forgotten."
- Pat K

"James is the real deal. His system is a really great structured way to help guys push out of their comfort zones and over plateaus."
- Bill Z

"James made me realize that the same tendencies that were holding me back from jumping at this opportunity were the same ones that hold me back from becoming the man I want to be in relationships."
- John B

"Friday was a great experience.  I got to see, in action, how the stuff I've been reading about & studying works."
- Mark E

"James is very knowledgeable and able to deliver material in an interesting and informative way. I loved the discussion of sexual conversation and the right attitude to have."
- Nathaniel D

"I can't fully explain the magnitude of this session. There was so much there that to take everything in I'll have to watch the video 2-3 more times."
- Matt D

"This was very interesting and entertaining. Great metaphor of a musician learning scales before being able to improvise."
- Peter J

"Holy ****...this is an awesome response. No one has broke it down like this. I read tons of books....i mean tons, but this is so clear and on the point. I am quoting this and copying it in my personal journal. It's a shame if people do not realize power of what you are saying."
- Daniel L

"I do believe deeply in something James explained to me that's essentially the opposite of jealousy in seeing someone you may have went out with, or had sex with, or whatever. You don't know what's going on with their romantic life. I'd rather not get upset by rejection. I don’t want to live in a 'that b***h rejected me' paradigm."
- Eric M

"James A. goes through everything step by step, thoroughly and clearly. He answers all questions enthusiastically and helps understand the concept of game."
- Andrew M

"James Amoureux is likeable, knowledgeable, and comfortable. The whole experience was great!"
- Michael B

"It all makes sense to me now."
- Clay P


TantraLogic In Review

James Amoureux is a master of kinky sex and spiritual sex. - by , December 2, 2010
5 / 5 stars: I attended a workshop by James Amoureux. He eliminated my anxiety around women and allowed me to talk about my intereste in alternative sexuality. I am very grateful for his help!